Personajele tale indragite sunt aici

Salutare tuturor jucatorilor infocati de jocuri desene animate cu cele mai celebre personaje de la tv. Cei mai cunoscuti si prieteni de-ai tai precum Batman, Aladin, Tarzan si multi altii te asteapta aici.

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Pentru a putea juca live trebuie sa faci click scurt pe oricare din pozele de mai jos, fiecare poza are in spatele clickului ei un joculet favorit. Cred ca trebuie sa stie si prietenii tai de aceasta adresa pentru ca aici este distractie mare pentru toti! Aici puteti gasi desene animate gratis, pentru copii. Jocuri de desene animate printre cele mai cunoscute, jocuri disney, cu Barbie, jocuri cu desene animate romanesti, printre cele mai haioase. Personajele preferate va asteapta aici, la!

Alte jocuri pe internet

Iubitorii desenelor animate au toate varstele de la copii mici pana la cei mai batrani si asta nu este o problema si nici nu trebuie sa fie o rusine. De ce? Pentru ca desenele sunt frumoase iar unele chiar minunate. Cei pasionati de jocuri puzzle pot asalta pagina cu jocuri zuma modern. Iar cele mai noi jocuri noi se pot gasi tot pe paginile noastre. In special logice, cu impuscaturi si nu numai.

Nu se poate sa adaugam joculete si sa-l uitam pe marele maestru al inceputurilor care ghicit: este Mario. Aici sunt cateva din cele mai tari si printre cele mai noi jocuri cu Mario. Primul este CAMIONUL MARIO unde te poti angaja ca sofer dar ai grija sa nu pierzi marfa. Se pare ca si SONIC s-a ratacit in lumea Mario si acum trebuie sa supravietuiasca in cel mai greu joc Sonic care este un pic violent si cu multe rachete si bombe. Sau vezi care este CEL MAI GREU JOC DIN LUME dintre toate jocurile facute vreodata. Mario nu este si nici nu a fost fricos vreodata dar aici el va trebui sa tot fuga tare pentru a avea avantaj impotriva dusmanilor cei rai. Daca vrei sa vezi si altele mai frumoase intra pe pagina jocuri Mario si recomanda si prietenilor tai pe Facebook. Iti dorim joc placut.

Aladin Aladin

Aladin este cel mai curajos dintre toti eroii tai pe care i-ai vazut la televizor,acuma ai sansa sa-l faci sa lupte pentru tine.
English: The powerful wizard Mozenrath has confined Aladin and has trapped him far above in a magical cloud on the top of the kingdom. Aladin is surrounded with a powerful wall of Jewels and lanterns. Jasmine with her Magic Carpet is trying to rescue Aladin by collecting all of the Jewels around the magic wall. While playing the game you need to move the Flying Magic carpet under her feet, so that she could easily bounce into the sky in order to assemble the jewels. For that use the Left and Right arrow button on the keyboard. If you see a lantern, you need to bounce on it twice to make it vanished.

Batman Batman

Batman cel care strabate munti si calatoreste in toate tarile pentru a salva copii este acum in acest joc si crede ca-i poti fi bun stapan!
English: If you are an ardent fan of famous comic hero Batman, then this game will surely excite you a lot. In this game Batman is in search of the mysterious Bat Woman. But before he could catch her she has been captured by the Penguin’s gang. Now he has to fight his way through the Penguin and his Henchmen to rescue Bat Woman. While playing the game, you will be given several options to control the actions. To jump and dodge you need to use the Up arrow and Down arrow button respectively. Use CTRL to Punch and Press SPACE bar to use Batrope on gargoyles.

Incredibili curajosi Incredibili curajosi

Incredibili curajosi sunt cateva personaje din desene animate foarte cunoscute pe care sigur le-ai vazut la tv,in acest moment te poti juca cu favoritii tai! Deasemenea poti vedea si alte joculete si desene de colorat pe paginile noastre.
English: Frozone has got a super suit which will help him to do some super deeds! In this game he will move forward through the rooftops of Metro City, where he must avoid the mini-Omnifroids Syndrome appearing on his way. If he collides against some obstructions coming on his way, he will loose points. Throughout his way he will have to hit some flying elements to score high. On the left hand side of the game board the score is displayed, while on the right hand side he can see the remaining distance to complete the game. If he clears the rooftops and evade the nasty Omnidroids, then he will be able to gain high scores.

Johnny Bravo cuceritorul Johnny Bravo cuceritorul

Johnny Bravo cuceritorul este un barbat sexy foarte afemeiat care se da mereu la femei, acum te poti juca cu el si arata ce succes la femei ai tu.
English: If you are familiar with the popular cartoon character Johnny Bravo then this game will certainly give you lots of fun. This game is all about concentration, where you will have to memorize all the sounds in their exact order. At the beginning you will see a box containing 9 images with different sounds. Each time the player will hear a series of sounds. The player needs to playback the sounds by clicking on the correct images in correct order on the interactive game board. If he fails to identify the sounds properly, then the game will be over and he cannot proceed further and start playing the game again.

Micuta sirena Micuta sirena

Micuta sirena, o tanara virgina superba care traieste sub apa, este plina de pasiune si te asteapta intr-o calatorie sub apa.
English: Click and Hold down the mouse button to power up the Trident. Aim it at Cloak and Gagger and release the button to shoot them before they capture baby Flounder. The Clam releases bubble that can baby flounder. You can zap the bubbles to save him before they reach the top of the screen. If you save mermaid then you get 200 points and if you save Baby Flounder then you will get 100 points each time. If you make enough score at each round then you will become eligible to play the next round. Otherwise you will be given a second chance to play it.

Mos Craciun Mos Craciun

Mos Craciun cel care vine la copii cuminti este in acest joc, va trebui sa faci o selectie si sa vezi cui oferi cadouri.Te pricepi?
English: Santa Claus is a funny game, where you will see Santa is sitting in a bar and continuously served by drinks by a bartender lady. The player will have to play as the Santa and he will have to catch the drinks served by the lady. For that he needs to CLICK the mouse. Moreover, he will have to balance Santa Claus from falling on the floor by using the mouse upright. Each time when the player manages to balance Santa Claus while catching more drinks he will score higher. The maximum number of drinks he can fail to catch is 5.

Obelix Obelix

Obelix este grasul tau preferat din desene animate si nu se lasa pana nu te joci cu el putin.
English: Obelix is a fictional comic character from popular French comic book series Asterix. He is a menhir sculptor and deliveryman, and also is Asterix's best friend. Obelix is famous for his fatness and his superhuman strength. So if you like adventure games join Obelix to collect all the coins in Galia and stay away from the wild boar as well as the roman soldiers who will come along your way to attack you. If you can collect more coins, your strength to fight against your enemies will increase helping you to score higher. Use arrow keys to move ahead and press the SPACE bar to punch your enemies.

Ratoiul salvator Ratoiul salvator

Ratoiul Donald, cel mai celebru ratoi curajos din toate timpurile este aici si vrea sa faceti un raid in lumea desenelor animate.
English: Only 15 days are remaining ahead of wedding. Lord High Chamberlain has confined Dame Melissa in his castle and forcing her to get married with Duke Sylvester. The scarlet pumpernickel will spoil his plan by winning his lady love. If you want to play Duck rescuer then you will have to help him as he tries to swing over the moat and jump through her window to conquer her heart. Using the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys you can start the back and forth the motion. CLICK the SPACE bar so that he can jump over the moat and reach Dame Melissa. Avoid jumping into an empty window.

Scooby Doo Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo impreuna cu gasca nebuna din New York ! Cei mai trasniti din trasniti te asteapta intr-o calatorie de groaza.
English: Scooby and Shaggy wants to help Velma, Daphne and Fred as three of them are trapped in the hunted castle. To do so, you can throw to them their individual belonging. You will have to prevent the crazy ghost from reaching the rooftop so that it cannot attack Scooby and Shaggy. There are 3 ghost repellant spray cans to protect them from the ghost. Help Scooby and Shaggy to give Velma her specs, Daphne her purse and Fred his net. By pressing 1, 2 and 3 respectively you can provide three of them their necessary items. By pressing SPACE bar you will get a weapon which you can throw to the Ghost and he will be knocked out.

Starwars Starwars

Celebrul Starwars te intampina cu razboaie galactice, arata ca esti un bun strateg si cucereste universul.
English: Play the exciting and adventurous game Starwar online. In this game you are the one who will have to fight against Grievous which has surrounded us to destroy the universe. Jump abroad the Twilight and guard the fleet from attacking droid fighters. You will see the enemy continuously firing towards your fleet, but you can avoid that by moving the mouse in all directions. You have 10 shields and how much distance you have come across can also be monitored from the indicator placed on the top of the game board. Try to click on the Bonus items like Blaster upgrade, Shield Recharge or Extra Life to sustain longer.

Tarzan Tarzan

Tarzan, omul junglei, seful absolut in jungla, poate controla animalele si lupta impotriva tuturor pentru ca este pe teren propriu!
English: You will have to assist Tarzan, the Jungle man to gather diamonds which are scattered throughout the jungle since he wants to give Jane these precious stones as gift on their first anniversary. In a very short span of time he needs to face the dangers of the animal kingdom to get the valued stones. For that he should avoid all obstructions and swing across risky water torrents and difficulties while escaping from the alligators, panthers as well as man-eating plants. Using Left arrow you can move Tarzan towards left and right arrow to move Tarzan towards right. To make Tarzan jump remember to use the Spacebar. To surf across waterfalls, use this feature to reach on the backs of alligators.

Testoasele Ninja Testoasele Ninja

Ghicitoare: Cei mai mari luptatori din desenele animate favorite? Raspuns: Testoasele Ninja, Joaca aici!
English: This is a fun filled action packed game that every kid must enjoy. To begin with you will be given a opportunity to choose your favorite Ninja character. There are four options.
Leonardo: This fighter is very effective to fight against Fool Clan
Raphael: His weapons can deal extra damages
Dontello: He is very effective against machines
Michelangelo: He is also very effective against machines and his weapons deals additional damages.
You can also select your special attack partner like Pizza Delivery guy, Splinter or Casey Jones. You can use the Left and right arrow keys to move left and right. To air attack press A and by pressing S you can go for special attacks.

Polar Express Polar Express

Polar Express este trenul vietii,cea mai rapida cale de a calatori la polul nord,mare grija insa, acolo sunt multe creaturi hidoase.
English: Suddenly a wind has swept the boy’s train ticket out of the window and now it’s jammed in the side of the train’s caboose. The boy needs to run, jump and evade obstacles to get his ticket back before time runs out. To control the movements of the boy you need to use the arrow keys appropriately. By using Left and Right arrow keys you can move the boy left and right. Upward arrow key helps to Jump and Downside arrow key for Crouch. You need to complete 2 levels to win the game. If the player becomes able to finish the game in minimum time with maximum tries left, then he will get the highest score.

Tom si Jerry Bowling Tom si Jerry Bowling

In acest joc de desene animate Tom si Jerry sunt cei mai buni prieteni dar se intrec la Bowling,pe cine ajuti sa castige?
English: Before you bowl look at the blinking arrow sign on the lane. If the arrow targeting the direction you desire to bowl is highlighted just CLICK on the mouse. After the direction for your ball is set the power meter will be activated. At this point you should not release the mouse button unless your preferred power level is reached. You will see 10 frames below the bowling area. It will show how many points you have scored in each frame. The sum of the scores will be displayed in the final score box. If all pins become knocked down with two balls in a single frame then you will be awarded a Spare.

Tom si Jerry Vanatoare Tom si Jerry Vanatoare

Tom si Jerry sunt la vanatoare, numai ca se vaneaza intre ei,poti alege sa fii cu personajul preferat,esti la un click distanta de acest joc desene animate!
English: You can control the movements of Jerry by placing the Cheese arrows in front of him, so that he can find the key and move forward through the closed door. To rearrange the arrows click on the Reset button. After Jerry walks on the green arrows they will disappear immediately, but yellow arrows will be still there. If a spring is placed on Jerry’s route, he will leap over the square in front of him. Avoid touching the holes and fans coming on his way. If you do so, you will lose one of the 5 lives given. By picking up the special orange cheese, you will get bonus points.